Monday, 3 September 2012

The first ninety days

The Wolf’s Call, my first book, has been out for ninety days now. Amazon has this system where they give new books extra visibility during the first three months and so it’s time to take a stock of how it has been. In a word, great. Not only has the book sold nicely, the whole experience of being a published writer has been wonderful. There is constantly something to do and I’ve learned a lot about how the independent book business works, about covers and marketing, as well as made new acquaintances in writers’ forums.

There have been some glitches, of course. I learned only recently that I can format the html file (Kindle books are uploaded in html) before submitting it and remove some really annoying formatting features the file has. Sorry about those, by the way; I hope they disappear when you customize the font. I have the next book to get out of the way first, however, before I have time to put my mind into that. I’m predicting hours of tedious work ahead of me cleaning up the file, but it will be worth it. And I guess the book could be selling better outside too, but I’m not complaining. At it has made into the top 100 almost once a day in the contemporary fantasy category this past week, making my day every time I manage to spot it before it disappears again. So thank you, everyone.

On an unrelated note, it’s our wedding anniversary this week and to celebrate it, we took a trip abroad over the weekend; just a short city break. The trip was nice and relaxing, but it was raining the whole time and we got pretty wet and so, as you might guess, I’m coming down with flu. It’s really annoying, actually, considering I should be at my sharpest to spot all the errors in my upcoming book. Perhaps it will go away if I ignore it. I’ll let you know how that works.

Update September 5: Surprisingly, my strategy of ignoring the flu didn't work out. I'll be taking it slowly for a couple of days.

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