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Figuring out fonts

For the past couple of days, I’ve been studying fonts. I want to find the exactly right one for the cover of my upcoming book, the Warrior’s Heart. Anyone who has ever tried to do the same knows it’s not easy. The sheer amount of fonts is overwhelming and just because you like a font doesn’t mean it’s suitable for your purpose. There was a timely reminder of the latter on my twitter feed only this week:

I looked at fonts on only one website, Fonts2U, and there only on one category, gothic fonts. The fonts on that site are mostly free to download, but they are not all free to use. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a handy search function that would have limited the search to those I could use so I ended up going through approximately 500 fonts of about 2500 there were in that category. It took me quite a while. I really like fonts and I don't find the task of finding the right one a burden. But, after a while, they all began to look the same.
Today, I went through what I had downloaded…

Recharging my batteries

I finally got my next book, the Warrior's Heart, to a point where I felt comfortable enough with it to send it to my editor, Lee Burton. For the first time, I had a deadline with him; he had other clients lined up so I was determined to keep it too. But it turned out that the book had a mind of its own and I shot past my deadline by over ten days. And that was even though I worked long days with my manuscript.
Deadlines aren't all bad. Some say they keep the world turning. I wouldn't have pushed that hard with the book if I hadn't had one. But now that the book is out of my hands, I find myself very exhausted. I most definitely don't have anything creative in me. So it's time to recharge the batteries for a few days. I'll head to the countryside and do some crosscountry skiing.
Oh, who am I kidding. I'll be sitting by a fireplace, catching up with my reading. I'll be back next week.


Here's another unedited sample from my upcoming book, Warrior's Heart; the first one you can read here. It's the second book in the Two-Natured London series. This one features two vampires, Jasper who is a Crimson Circle warrior, and Philippa who is a DI in the Metropolitan Police Service. Here is their first encounter. It isn't very auspicious.

Jas noticed an unmarked police car to pull over outside a three story residential building on the other side of the street to the club. He thought that they were here for the melee, but although two of the three persons exiting the car – human males – paused to take a look, the third, a vampire woman, headed straight into the building without so much as a glance. Of course, being a vampire, she didn’t actually have to use her eyes to check out the situation, just as he didn’t have to be close to her to know what she was; that was what the scanning was for.

The sight of her – small, fit and pretty – distracted Jas briefly from…