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Into Darkness

I finally saw Star Trek Into Darkness yesterday. It wasn’t by my own choice that I didn’t see it earlier. The local movie distributor has decided that we don’t need to see it in this country until in the first week of June. An insufferable wait for a movie that the rest of the world has seen ages ago already. So when I noticed the local cinema having a preview of it, I immediately seized the opportunity.
I loved it, which isn’t always given with sequels. It wasn’t what I expected; the trailer led me believe there would be an explosion extravaganza. What I got was an ensemble move unlike the first, where most of the main cast had meaningful roles that contributed to the whole. The previous movie was more of a two-man show between Kirk and Spock. The plot wasn’t terribly complicated, but it carried through the two plus hours and didn’t cause me roll my eyes in disbelief at any point. What more can I ask, really?
I predicted going in that I would like Benedict Cumberbatch the best and I wa…

Grabbling with the grammar

I’ve come across a few grammar-related posts the past couple of days. There was, for example, this test on the BBC news website. According to it, I’m a grammar guru with 8/10 points. I would’ve got nine, but one question was truly bizarre. I won’t tell you which one it is so as not to spoil it for you.
Getting a good score in a playful grammar test may not seem like much to you. However, English isn’t my native language; it’s Finnish, a language with a very different grammar, syntax and lexicon from English. For example, in Finnish, you can have the words in any order you like in a sentence and only seldom does it make you like a Yoda sound. Everything I know about English I’ve had to learn the hard way. Therefore, my writing is a constant struggle for good language and correct grammar.
Because of this, I’m a quibbler when it comes to correct grammar in any language. After four books and a number of blog posts, writing correct English has become easier. It feels like that, at any rate,…

All authors are not created equal

Self-publishing as a profession is so new that we haven’t got established words for calling authors who publish their books themselves. There are several options though. Which one do you prefer?

The tweet above prompted – deliberately, I’m sure – yet another debate on how to call self-published authors. I’ve followed and participated in a couple of them and they’re mostly the same. This time, too, some opinions were for being called an artisan author and some were against it, calling for other options, and some were so bizarre I couldn’t quite follow the reasoning so stopped reading.
I personally dislike the name artisan author. I understand that it’s supposed to convey the idea that we do everything ourselves, by hand, if necessary. I do, but that’s not true for all. Most of us buy the editing services at least; many buy the cover design and maybe even the formatting for their books. What remains, then, is the writing itself, the ‘author’ part of artisan author, and marketing. And I de…