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Life imitates art


Sic Transit

I cleaned up my home, top to bottom. You might think it isn’t all that great an achievement, but I’m not a household goddess. I don’t like cleaning up and I find it a chore to even think of vacuuming. So, whenever I manage the deed – and I do manage it – I think there should be fanfares and a commemorative medal awarded for the occasion. There never is, for some reason. Apparently, household work is something we should just get done, but for me there always are more interesting things I could be doing instead, like writing. So, I thought to write about my feat in this blog. Let that be my fanfare.
However, before I started to write this entry, I checked how my book, the Wolf's Call, was doing and learned to my utter delight that its ranking had shot up overnight at It had even made it into a top 100 in one category, something I thought would never happen. The overnight sales (for me, as I’m based in Europe) weren’t that massive, but they were the best for one day period…

Seaside Rendezvous

I spent yesterday at a seaside resort. Fled there, to be more precise. A rock festival is being held practically next door to where I live, and while the festival itself doesn’t bother me, the hordes of revellers wandering through my neighbourhood and camping in my backyard do. So, we try to be elsewhere for it every year.
The resort is an ideal refuge, as it is a small town that only comes alive during the summer months, its heydays long in the past. As a reminder of those days there is a casino (now a restaurant bearing that name), a Marina (many times larger than the original), tennis courts, and picturesque seafront villas that offer accommodation to tourists. Most importantly, there are long stretches of white beaches with their white wooden beach huts and the endless roar of sea that always remind me of Jaques Tati’s M. Hulot's Holiday.
Our escape wasn’t as perfect as usually though. The weather forecast promised hot and humid, so naturally it was raining the whole day, but at…

Think of a plot. Any plot.

It’s already July and the book I thought I would publish this month isn’t halfway finished yet. I know I said I had it written already, but when I started revising it, I did it more thoroughly than I intended. Meaning, I have pretty much rewritten the thing. Now, midway through, I’m struggling to steer the plot towards the original story, wavering between writing everything anew and sticking to my publishing schedule. The month is still young, you might say, but this is actually the month my husband starts his summer vacation and I can’t spend it by the computer, now can I. So I would like to finish the manuscript before that.
I would be more worried if this hadn’t happened to me before. Getting stuck in the middle of the book, that is. Looking for inspiration, I got help from a wonderful comic strip I read every day, Get Fuzzy by Darby Conley. It didn’t make me have a breakthrough with my own plot, but it made me realise others struggle with the same problem too. Even if it is just a …