Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

In the spirit of the festival of everything scary, I thought to share with you a picture of myself. This is me, first thing in the morning, without makeup and before the first cup of coffee. Some caffeine and careful grooming usually turn me more humanlike, but until then, I try to keep away from the children, the elderly and those of the feeble constitution. Have a great All Hallows Eve, everyone!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Larger changes

By popular demand – it was me against the world – I have changed the cover for At Her Boss’s Command. This one is more romantic, I think. The old one is still available for viewing in an earlier post so you can make comparisons. What do you think? Which one is better? Please, leave a comment.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

It’s snowing

I had barely noticed that the autumn has come and now this: the first snow fell. It’s a tad early, even for where I live; there are still leaves in the trees. I know it will be gone by the morning, but for now, it brightens the world. I took a couple of photos and thought to put them here. Enjoy.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Autumn is here

Every year, as the leaves start turning yellow and red and every possible shade in between, a great need to do something new takes over me. I want to start a new hobby, or join a gym to counter all the excess weight I’ve gained during the summer. I dash into the closest forest to photograph the turning season, or into a bookstore to buy notebooks and pencils – a remnant of the first days at school.

Not this year. I haven’t done any of those things. I’ve barely put my nose out of the house and I didn’t even check what exciting new things there were for me to learn this term. I did buy a new notebook, but I needed it. Well, I didn’t need it; there were plenty of barely used notebooks left over from all those previous times. But I bought it anyway.

I’m too busy writing to do anything else. The exciting new things for this autumn are the book I just published and the one I’m currently working on. Every day brings something new, worlds I’ve created on my own. Who needs the real world?

Luckily, not everyone is content to live inside their heads. My husband decided today that he wanted to learn how to make sushi. He didn’t waste any time but bought a sushi kit and started practising. He wasn’t at all bad for a first timer either. He practised enthusiastically, however, and now I’m stuffed. But it’s nice to know that if I get lost into my imagination, he can keep me fed. And who knows, maybe the spirit of the season catches me after all and I’ll learn the art of it too.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Small changes

I have spent the past couple of days preparing my first novel, The Wolf's Call, for republishing. I had it edited and then I had to reformat it, both of which took their time. I made a couple of small changes on the cover as well. I’m fairly confident that the book is as it should now, but I won’t know for sure until it has gone through the KDP publishing process again. Sometimes there are glitches I haven’t anticipated in the HTML code. It may take as long as a week before all the separate pieces – the cover, the blurb and the Look Inside feature – have changed so I guess I have to be patient.

Now that I have that taken care of, it is back to writing my next novel. It is called The Warrior’s Heart and it will be the next one in the Two-Natured London series. I hope to have it published by January, but maybe even sooner. There is a blurb on my webpages and I will be adding an excerpt soon too.

Update October 16: These things never go as they should. After I had uploaded the book, I checked the cover once more and realised there was a small flaw in it; I guess I should have done the checking beforehand. So, I had to fix it and then wait for the book go through the review process before I could upload the new cover. The product page shows the original cover, but the Look Inside feature has the new, flawed cover. I hope the review process goes fast and the correct cover is uploaded soon. At least the text seems to have converted well enough.