Sunday, 7 October 2012

Reviewed: Ella by L. S. Burton

Here is my second attempt at writing reviews. The book is written by Lee Burton who edited my latest book so I wanted to find out how he writes. Editing is delicate business. You write a book and you hope it is perfect and then you send it to someone whose sole purpose is to point out the flaws in it. Therefore you need to know that the person responsible for the job actually knows their business. I’m happy to say that Lee does. His book is both beautiful and beautifully written. It is a novella of a little girl growing up that will make you reminisce about your own childhood. Please take a look.

Ella by L. S. Burton, 4/5 stars

Beautiful and wistful

Ella is a beautiful story of a little girl who copes with the surrounding reality by escaping to her fantasies. Told from the point of view of Ella’s best friend, Isabella Francesca, it paints before the readers’ eyes five scenes of her life from the age of four to her early teens. As Ella is growing up, things that meant the world to her are forgotten or they change forms. Isabella Francesca finds herself being left behind, struggling to find her way back to the little girl that is no more.

Ella tells the story of all of us, as our childhood fantasies of princesses in lofty castles give way to teenagers’ dreams about boy bands. Few of us look back and wonder what happened to that princess. Burton does, in a wistful homage to childhood’s imagination. I warmly recommend Ella to all readers.

Ella by L. S. Burton

If you are interested in the book you can purchase it on and and other amazon sites.

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