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I’m back!

In truth, I've never been away. I've only been neglecting my blog. No reason, just laziness. And I can't promise I'll improve my attendance here, as I have a book to finish for September publication. It's taking up pretty much all my time.
For those waiting for the sixth Two-Natured London book (with Gabe in the lead) and the fifth Tracy Hayes book: those will come, fear not. However, I got it into my head to write a spy thriller first. It's called The Assassin, and it's set in the exciting world of MI5. Here's the description:
The sharp retort of a ball hitting the centre of the tennis racket reverberated around the court. The sound was much like a single round from a marksman's rifle with a silencer on. His rifle.
A Saudi diplomat has been assassinated, and MI5 agent Olivia Morris is assigned to investigate. The matter is delicate: not only are political relations between Britain and Saudi Arabia wrought; Britain wants to sell rescue helicopters to…