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Here be the cover

Here’s the cover for my new book, A Wolf of Her Own. It’s the next one in the Two-Natured London series so the cover resembles the previous books. As always, it’s my own creation so all the praise and blame can be directed at me.

I’m happy with the cover, although I may change the colour of the author’s name yet. I have two choices and I change my mind about them constantly. The other would be a slightly lighter blue, almost similar to the white of the title. It looks clearer in the thumbnail, but otherwise I like this one better.
What do you think? Is it a good cover or do I need to tweak it some more?
A Wolf of Her Own comes out next week if things go as planned. Those who subscribe to my newsletter will get the first chapter sent to them in coming days. The rest will have to wait for it a little longer. Or you can sign up too. You will get a free short story set in the Two-Natured London world when you do. Subscription form is on the column on the right.
Postscript, December 1…

Picture perfect

I’m making a cover for my next book, A Wolf of Her Own, so I’ve spent quite a lot of time on various stock photo sites trying to find the perfect photos to use. Since I’m not a Photoshop expert – or GIMP, the free equivalent that I use – perfect means pictures that are both suitable for the cover and something I can work with relatively painlessly. It took some searching and studying the wares of more than one site, but I found what I needed. Come back next Monday to see what I made of them.

In the meanwhile, here’s a list of my favourite stock photo sites. DreamstimeFotoliaiStockphoto (part of Getty Images)
They all have a nice selection of quality photos for many different purposes. All photos are royalty free, meaning you don’t have to pay for their use. There may be some limits to their use though, such as how many copies you can make of a photo. It’s usually quite a huge number so you don’t have to worry about it. However, make sure to read the terms of use before buying.
They all le…

Imagined worlds

Every now and then, I come across blog posts or tweets about world-building, be it for fantasy or science fiction. The reason it comes up, among other things, is that imaginary worlds tend to divide both the readers and writers. Some like their worlds filled with endless details, so they can marvel at the imagination of the author that conjured them. Others prefer stories to lead and the world to follow it to as little extent as is needed.

As a reader, I fall somewhere in between those two positions. I like imaginative worlds, especially if the author has dared to imagine a world wholly different to ours. But they seldom do. In fantasy, especially, it seems to be a rule that the world is fashioned after some imagined human past that then dictates the way the world functions.
I say imagined past, because often the only features assumed from our past are the unfair social hierarchy, gender disparity and a rudimentary level of technology. No author ever makes use of the facts that people d…

Revise, revise, revise.

A Wolf of Her Own, my upcoming third novel in the Two-Natured London series is currently undergoing heavy revising. And I mean heavy.My books always change enormously during the rewrites, but this one has almost become a different book.

I don’t plan my books much before starting them. I usually have a brilliant idea, a character or two, and a goal where the plot should be heading. Those elements remained more or less unchanging in this book too. Everything else, however, was free game.
Scenes changed places to make the pace better. A character was edited out completely and another, different character appeared, but not to take the first one’s place. My hero and heroine gained characteristics and lost others in order to make them more believable and to make their love story worth rooting for.
The changes are worth the effort, however, if the result is a better book. And let’s face it. No one will know what the original version was like. The only thing the readers will see is …