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Sneak peek to my next book

Gauging distances

I’ve been virtually travelling around London for my next book, Her Warrior for Eternity. Some of it is to scout locations, but quite a lot has been to gauge distances between them. My heroine, Corynn, likes to run from place to place, which has forced me to study the map. How long would it take to run from Holborn to Greenwich? Would a regular runner be able to do it? How much longer will it take to run the north bank than the south?
People often move from place to place in books. Some of it is superfluous action that doesn’t require special knowledge about distances and the time it takes to reach a certain place with certain means. A drive to a grocery shop doesn’t have to be described to a minute, as long as readers are made aware that time has passed.
Occasionally though, action happens during the transit. Discussions for example. Even a short journey – a lift ride – is difficult to determine correctly, and a discussion that takes place during it can appear either too short or comica…