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Is writing too easy?

“A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.”
Thomas Mann: Essays of Three Decades Every writer instantly recognises the truth of the famous quote by Thomas Mann when they first hear it. They have sat staring at the screen, trying to come up with just the right word and exactly the right way of expressing what they want to say in order to be understood, admired, and remembered. Mann’s words therefore strike a chord.
Every writer also knows that all the effort they put into finding those words doesn’t translate to a decent income.

I have read dozens of blog posts and articles about how writing doesn’t pay. They are usually written by freelance journalists who have seen a once steady income dwindle to promises of exposure, or pots of jam. The most recent article I read was by Nick Lezard who notes in The New Statesman that a writer’s pay doesn’t even buy him heaps of baked beans – the budget label.
Lezard, like many others, sees the problem stemming fr…

So… Kindle Unlimited

I’ve returned from a nice and relaxing holiday. I painted the porch like I intended to – well, the balusters anyway – but I didn’t manage to read all the books on my reading list. It was an ambitious list to begin with, and I kept adding to it, so it’s no wonder I couldn’t read everything. I’ll write about my reading on my other blog later this week.
I wasn’t completely cut off the civilised world. Among other things, I kept an eye on what was happening in the world of publishing. Quite a lot, as it turned out, the biggest ado undoubtedly being Amazon’s dispute with Hachette, which has led authors to taking sides. It got rather nasty.
As a KDP author, it’s impossible for me to remain completely neutral, even when keeping outside the dispute. Generally, I tend to favour the opinion that all big companies look for their best interests. For now, Amazon’s interests are favourable to me, but that doesn’t mean they are on my side, or that their interests will continue to be in my favour. More…