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Off to summer pastures

I’m retiring this blog for a couple of weeks while I’ll have a summer holiday. I’m going to catch up with my reading, but I’ll be working too. I will be writing and – apparently – painting a porch. It should be – eh – fun.
This post also marks my second anniversary as an independent author. The second year was easier than the first in many respects. I only published two new books, so my writing schedule was less hectic. I got the hang of the social media platforms I frequent and established some routines, making that part of my publishing life easier.
I tried some new things too. I made a paperback of Which Way to Love? It took more time than I thought it would to prepare and it doesn’t really sell, but at least I now know the process. I also produced a bundle edition of the first two books in the Two-Natured London series. Another novelty was promotion sales of the entire Two-Natured London series when a new book came out. I was rather happy with the results and will continue those.

Imagining matriarchal worlds

I came across an interesting blog post on world building today. The topic was matriarchies, and how to create a believable society run by women for one’s book. Though I’m not planning to write such a novel, the post triggered a few ideas of my own.
The post, Creating Matriarchies by Chris Winkle, lists various reasons for why patriarchies are prevalent. There are biological reasons for example: women bear children, which puts them in physical risk and in need of protection, and men are stronger and more aggressive. And there are cultural stereotypes that uphold the idea that a patriarchal society is better. The writer then lists various possibilities for why this state of reality might have been upturned. The reproductive system might be solely in the hands of the women, or men could be physically smaller and weaker than women, for example. Men might have caused such a screw up that their leadership would no longer be valid.
These are all interesting points. However, they all assume tha…

When there is nothing to blog about

I’ve been neglecting my blog for a month. Partly it’s been because I’ve been recovering from publishing my latest book, Her Warrior for Eternity. But mostly it’s been because I have nothing to blog about.
The purpose of this blog is to share my experience as a self-publishing author, and maybe help others who are on the same path. However, after two years, the experience is starting to repeat itself. There are only so many times one can write about the excitement over a new project or upset about a book that has stalled.
I could always offer advice for others, of course. But there are so many blogs doing the same that finding something new to say has become extremely difficult. The blogosphere is so saturated with excellent advice that I don’t even have to look for answers when I encounter a problem. I only need to wait and someone tweets or shares the answer to it on social media. Often I get answers to problems I have yet to encounter.
In such environment, it’s easy to become desponden…