Monday, 2 June 2014

When there is nothing to blog about

I’ve been neglecting my blog for a month. Partly it’s been because I’ve been recovering from publishing my latest book, Her Warrior for Eternity. But mostly it’s been because I have nothing to blog about.

The purpose of this blog is to share my experience as a self-publishing author, and maybe help others who are on the same path. However, after two years, the experience is starting to repeat itself. There are only so many times one can write about the excitement over a new project or upset about a book that has stalled.

Image credit: Stuart Miles
I could always offer advice for others, of course. But there are so many blogs doing the same that finding something new to say has become extremely difficult. The blogosphere is so saturated with excellent advice that I don’t even have to look for answers when I encounter a problem. I only need to wait and someone tweets or shares the answer to it on social media. Often I get answers to problems I have yet to encounter.

In such environment, it’s easy to become despondent and stop blogging altogether. Why bother when someone else has already written the same thing better and no one is reading your blog anyway.

But there are other reasons for blogging. It can help the blogger too. I’ve been able to hone my language skills and expression with these posts. It’s not easy to convey a meaningful message in a manner that keeps readers interested, i.e. shortly and to the point. I have still a lot to learn in that respect.

So, whether or not I have something to say, I’ll try to return to a regular blogging schedule, because it’s good for me. The same might be true for you too. Even if you have nothing to say, try saying it so that people read your post anyway.

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