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It's time for celebration!

This month marks the first anniversary of my indie author career. I published my first book, The Wolf’s Call, on June 2012, plunging pretty much headfirst into all this. June is also the month I began writing this blog, my first steps into building a social media presence. So it’s time for a recap.

In numbers, my year has been something like this: I have published four books, two with each pen name; I’ve started two blogs, opened a Twitter account, created a Goodreads author profile, and established a presence on Google+; I’ve posted on various writers’ forums and joined a few communities. But numbers don’t really tell the whole truth about my year.
In a word, it’s been great!
I started things slowly. Most advice I read about building an author platform says that you should do it before you start publishing. Well, I didn’t. So, after I’d pressed publish button on Amazon KDP for the first time I had to start from the scratch. All I can say is that those who advise the other approach are …

Search engine optimising

I confess: for a person who relies on people finding the contentI provide online, I haven’t really paid any attention to how well I’m found there. Surely, I’ve thought, if my name is on it and people search my name, the content shows up. Therefore, I haven’t actually googled my pen names to find out if they are there to be found. I know, I know, but it simply hasn’t seemed important. Not until this week.
This is a cautionary tale.

I began to pay attention to how people found me a while ago when I noticed that I got huge traffic to both my blogs from one website. It seemed legitimate enough – it had the word ‘blog’ in it – but I wasn’t born yesterday so I checked it up. And what do you know, it turned out to be a porn site. What they thought to find on my blog, I have no idea. However, it made me wonder how they ended up on my blogs. I don’t provide adult content, there aren’t any risky photos – unless you count the covers of my books, but those can only entertain for so long – and I wri…