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It's time to introduce my new book

My new book ‘Which way to love?’, written as Hannah Kane, came out last Monday. It being the Christmas Eve, I didn’t have much time to promote it; I only made a couple of mentions on Twitter. So here I am, remedying the matter.
‘Which way to love?’ is the first book I ever wrote that I actually completed. That was about a decade ago. I believe I tried to submit it a couple of times too, but it didn’t catch; and no wonder. The original story wasn’t very interesting or well-written. First attempts seldom are – well, there are exceptions, of course. I’ve since rewritten the manuscript a few times, changing both the plot and the characters every time, and I believe it has been worth it. The story has matured into what I think is a very good book.
When I wrote the first version of the book, chick-lit was very popular. I wasn’t terribly into it, but I did read a few. However, chick-lit is what I ended up writing. It isn’t very typical of the genre, at least it wasn’t when I started the projec…

Happy holidays

It's time for me to quiet down to enjoy the holidays. I've had hectic six months, with a last minute attempt to get my next book published, so I could do with some rest. There's a lot of eating and spending time with my family in store for me. I'll be back in a few days, hopefully with my new book. Until then, I wish you happy holidays.

Here be the cover

I got the manuscript for ‘Which way to love?’ back from my editor. That means, it’s time to reveal the cover. I’ve had one version on my web pages for a couple of days already, but this is the final version. Or as final as all my covers have been.
This is yet another of my own creations. Yes, I know I wrote in an earlier post that a sensible writer would hire a professional to do it. The truth is, however, that I love to design my own covers. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll learn how it’s done properly. It won't be for the lack of trying if I don't.
The book has a chick-lit vibe to it so I wanted an illustrated cover. I found wonderful illustrations on Dreamstime and combined them to this. Then I added some shading and the text. Colours took some extra planning, but in the end, I think I nailed it. The title colour repeats the woman’s shoes and file, and the author’s name fit both her and the background. All in all, I’m very happy with it. Knowing myself though, I’ll probably make…

The wait is over


My new web pages are here

As I wrote in the previous entry, I’ve been redesigning my web pages. So here they are: Crimson House Books. It took me longer than I thought to update them, mainly because I spent a long weekend visiting family on the other side of the country. Also, because there are just about million links on my pages I had to make sure still work. And then there were those technical problems I mentioned earlier.
The main clour is red, as you can probably guess when the site is called crimson house books. Hannah and Susanna, my pen names, both have a page of their own, but unlike in the previous version, those pages don’t have their own subpages; it became too difficult to update them all.
Anyway, take a look. If you like to comment on them, you can do so here on my blog or send me e-mail.

The unbearable difficulty of web design

I know my blog post is slightly overdue, but I’ve been too busy redesigning my web pages to write. Well, I could easily have taken a break from coding to write something, but I tend to get immersed into it and only notice time when my stomach growls. When the day ends, my husband has to force me away from the computer. There’s something addictive about coding. I don’t at all wonder the stereotypical image of overweighed coders; you eat where you sit so that you don’t have to abandon your task. There’s always something to tweak, something to improve or mistakes to correct you cannot find no matter how hard you stare at the code.
While web pages are an important marketing tool for any writer, web designing is one of those tasks that I really wouldn’t have to do myself. There are plenty of free templates available for everyone to find the one they like, and plenty of professional designers for those to hire who want something special. But I like to do it myself. HTML coding is a skill I l…

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