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As I wrote in my last post, I’m attempting a new way of publishing a book. New to me, anyway: serialised publishing.
I wrote a short contemporary romance, To Catch a Billionaire Dragon, in three parts rather than dividing it afterwards to equal sized books, each with its own narrative arch and cliff-hanger. I wanted each part to, if not stand entirely alone, at least offer the readers a pleasurable reading experience, no matter which part they pick up, and maybe be tempted to read the other parts too. To entice them further, the first part is free.
Or it’s supposed to be.

I published the first part a week ago on Amazon and Smashwords. The latter allows books to be priced free, so no problems there, but the former doesn’t, and the book is $/£/€ 0.99 there. However, Amazon has a policy of price matching books, so that they can offer the cheapest price. It was this I counted on – in vain.
Despite my efforts – and those of some helpful people that I enlisted on social media – Amazon hasn…

New book and a spring sale!

Happy spring to everyone, and happy Easter to all those who follow! I have been neglecting this blog lately — after promising to blog more diligently. Maybe with increased light I'll be more active here too.

I haven’t been completely idle. I’ve written a new short romance, To Catch a Billionaire Dragon, which despite its name doesn’t have actual dragons in it. It’s a story of Laurel, a fantasy author, who after a chance meeting with Logan, a New York businessman, decides to base a character of a dragon on him. He isn’t entirely happy about it, and he most definitely doesn’t like how she seems unable to see him and her dragon apart.
I’m trying a new model of publishing with this book. I’ve written it in three short parts, each about a ten thousand words, and I will publish it in three parts too. It’ll be interesting to see how that will work.
I have a cover for it too. I’m toying with the idea of having a slightly different cover for each three parts, so that readers won’t acciden…