Monday, 2 March 2020

Ch… ch… changes

Here’s a short post to inform you all that I’ve made some changes to my online presence. Nothing drastic, worry not. I have simply unified my accounts and I’m now everywhere as Susanna Shore.

When I first began as an indie author, I had two pennames, and I believed I needed online presence that covered them both. I chose Crimson House Books (from the Crimson Circle in my Two-Natured London books), and created a web domain and social media accounts accordingly. The address of this blog is the last trace of that.

However, a couple of years ago, I gave up my other penname and republished everything as Susanna Shore. That made the old account names with Crimson House Books as their root obsolete and misleading too. Every new account that I’ve created since then are for Susanna Shore, but the first two, my web domain and my Twitter username, have remained.

Not anymore. From now on, my webpage has a new domain name and my twitter username is @SusannaShore.

These changes don’t require any action on your part. If you follow me on Twitter, the account is as it has always been, only with a new username. I’ve also reclaimed the old username @crimsonhouseboo, so if you accidentally use it, you won’t be communicating with a stranger. But I’m not actively using that account, so I won’t answer your tweets there. The old webpages also coexist with the new, so if you have permanent links to my books, they should still work.

I’ve tried to update every page where I have social media information, but I have likely missed one or two. This blog will retain its old name, as changing it is a tad difficult. Also, I have another blog with Susanna Shore in its name, and I can’t really have two. Social media banners with the old web address still wait updating. And I haven’t even begun to update my books yet. There are currently twenty-four separate publications, so it’ll take a while before all of them have been updated.

Until then, please come find me on Twitter where I mostly hang out. And stay tuned for an announcement of an upcoming publication.

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