Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Christmas sale (and a new cover)

It’s December, and so Moonlight, Magic and Mistletoes, Two-Natured London 5.6 is on sale. It’s only $0.99 (or the equivalent in your currency) until Christmas. Don’t miss the opportunity.

The book is a collection of Christmas themed short stories set in my Two-Natured London paranormal romance world. There are six stories in total, with both new characters and those you’ve met in the first five and a half books. All take place during Christmas and most have romance in them.

The first story, Escape on a Moonless Night, is a longer one. It’s set in the 1660s France and features Alexander Hamilton and his son Gabriel, the vampire warriors of the Crimson Circle. It tells the story of how Alexander met the mother of his second son, Zacharias. It’s an exciting story of a daring escape and falling in love.

The Christmas Miracle is about Tom and Laura, and Tom’s Clydesdale Amanda who is in a desperate need of a miracle. They are both new characters, but Tom is the brother of Gemma from A Wolf of Her Ownthe one who is on his honeymoon…

Wintry Fairytale features Jack Thornton, Charly’s brother, introduced in The Wolf’s Call. His loveable Newfoundland Bob is responsible for bringing unexpected love to his life. It’s also a story of accepting a new future as a two-natured.

In Enchanted Evening, the main characters are humans working for the Crimson Circle. Amy and Theo inspire the vampire warriors to organise a huge Christmas party for the staff, and love blooms.

The next story, Magical Christmas, gives us a glimpse to the life of the couple that formed in Magic under the Witching Moon. Adrian and Raven are planning their first Christmas together and it’s not as easy as one might hope.

Finally, in Christmas at the Greenwood Manor, the wolf cub Vincent we’ve met in A Wolf of Her Own, gets Jamie, the clan alpha to organise a Christmas party for the wolf-shifter clan. There’s an unexpected gift for Vincentand a surprise for Rafe and Charly too.

If you’re in a mood for sweet, romantic Christmas stories with a paranormal twist, this book is for you. And it’s a good preparation for Wolf Moon too, as some revelations play a small role there.

And as promised, the new cover. It’s more winter themed than the original, and definitely more light-hearted than the other covers in the series. But I find it wonderfully romantic.

Moonlight, Magic and Mistletoes

Other books in the Two-Natured London series have had their covers brushed up a little too. I’ll share those in the next post—although you can already catch them on my webpage.

You can purchase Moonlight, Magic and Mistletoes on Amazon, iBooks, B&N, Kobo and Smashwords, and read a sample chapter on my webpage.


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