Friday, 2 November 2012

The Art of Seeking Publicity

Every once in a while, on forums dedicated to independent authors like me, someone asks us to share our webpages and blogs. Surprisingly few of us do. Authors need publicity for their books and for that reason most of us have blogs and webpages, but when it comes to actually soliciting traffic to them, we hedge.

Maybe we are not confident with the content of our chosen publicity platforms and therefore fear submitting them to the peer scrutiny.  Or perhaps we would much rather that potential readers find to us by chance. Then we could play the graceful host and ask them to step in with a polite ‘so kind of you to drop by’. I think most of us find it distasteful to beg people to come and take a look at what we do, vulgar and needy. Successful writers have managed to get over this handicap; or perhaps they have better content on their blogs and webpages, so that people come to them voluntarily.

I didn’t share my blog address either the previous time someone asked for it on a public forum. But I’m trying to get over my aversion to putting myself out there. That in mind, I opened a twitter account. It may turn out to be yet another way to be alone in a crowd, but at least there is plenty of content for me to follow in turn.

You can follow me @crimsonhouseboo (they had a letter limit there). There is a link on the right too. Since my blogging platform isn’t a dynamic one, the tweets don’t update there, but just click the link.

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