Sunday, 26 August 2012

Oh, what a wonderful morning

But will it be a beautiful day too? I woke up today to find that my book, the Wolf’s Call, has reached the top one hundred in two categories in the US and naturally I’m over the moon about it. Did a little victory dance too. Well, in my mind anyway. However, the last time my book reached the top one hundred it turned out to be a computer glitch so I’m holding my breath. But I’m announcing it to everyone anyway, having not learned anything. Besides, whether or not the ranking is real, the book has been doing very well so I’ll use this opportunity to thank everyone who has bought it.

I was supposed to reveal the new blurb for my next book, ‘At her boss’s command’, in today’s blog, but I’m feeling too jubilant to actually write it. I’ll return to that later this week. Stay tuned.

Update August 27: My wonderful top 100 ranking has disappeared overnight. Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted.
Update August 28: The top 100 ranking has returned and the book is currently # 98 in contemporary fantasy category. This is getting very exciting, if a bit nerve wrecking.

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