Saturday, 2 June 2012

My very first post

Welcome to Writer's Block blog. I believed myself witty when I came up with the title, but I think it more tells about my unwillingness to use a simple web search to find out how many other witty bloggers there are out there who have come up with the same idea. If I knew about them I would have to call mine something else. Please, don't disillusion me. Or do. That would actually be interesting.

However, writing this first post reminds me why we might suffer from a writer’s block in the first place, as I realised that it’s surprisingly difficult to come up with something genuinely interesting to write. Hopefully, I'll get better at it as I go. In the meanwhile, you wouldn’t believe how many drafts I made of this post…

The reason I started this blog is because I recently decided to take the plunge and start publishing the various desk drawer manuscripts I’ve written over the years. I’ll be self-publishing them with Amazon's Self-publish with us programme and my first book should come out any day now. It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time, because I’ll be personally responsible for everything from writing to publishing and marketing. With this blog, I’ll try and share the experience with you.

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