Sunday, 28 February 2021

Wolf Moon is here!

It’s the publication day for Wolf Moon, Two-Natured London 7. My paranormal romance series featuring wolf-shifters and vampire warriors of London has progressed slowly but steadily since the first book, The Wolf’s Call, came out in 2012. There are currently seven longer books, two in-between romances, and one collection of Christmas themed short stories.

Wolf Moon by Susanna Shore

Wolf Moon is about Jamie Green, the alpha of the Greenwood clan, who was first introduced in The Wolf’s Call, the romance between his brother Rafe and Charlotte, a human lawyer, and who also featured in A Warriorfor the Wolf, the romance between his daughter Harriet and Zach, the vampire warrior. Jamie is a tragic character in a way, as his wolf has bound him to a human woman who’s divorced him decades ago, preventing him from finding new love. The book opens with the ex-wife suddenly dying and freeing him.

Jamie’s counterpart is Isla Shaw who was briefly introduced in Magic on the Highland Moor. She’s the beta of Shaw clan in Scotland. Her mate and child have died in the First World War a century ago, but she hasn’t felt the need to find new love. The death of her father, the clan alpha, plunges her life into disarray and forces her to seek a way out. Enter Jamie.

I like Jamie’s and Isla’s romance. It is—like my editor put it—a mature romance between two people who have hurt in the past but who aren’t broken by it anymore. Love takes them by surprise, but they are willing to fight for this sudden chance for happily ever after. The book can be read as stand-alone, but you’ll enjoy it much more if you’re familiar with the characters and goings on of the series in whole.

You can read the first two chapters on my webpage, and you can purchase the book on Amazon, iBooks, B&N, Kobo and Smashwords. Happy reading!

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