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Susanna Shore: Tracy Hayes, P.I. to the Rescue (Tracy Hayes, P.I. 3)

Psychics, drugs, and bikes? Tracy’s here to handle it.

When a psychic promises Tracy a ‘tall, dark, and handsome’, it comes with a catch: she wants Tracy to find her missing niece. But finding a teenager is trickier than Tracy expected, especially since it may be that the girl is involved in drugs. The only lead is to a biker garage—and Tracy is terrified of bikes.

On the home front, Tracy’s former roommate leaves with the TV, her ex-husband has marital troubles he wants Tracy to handle, and the main ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ in her life, her boss, is suddenly oddly keen to show her his sculpted chest. No wonder Tracy’s head is in a whirl.

But Tracy can’t stop to organise her personal life. She has to find the missing girl before it’s too late.

Tracy Hayes, P.I. to the Rescue by Susanna Shore

Susanna Shore: Tracy Hayes, P.I. and Proud (Tracy Hayes, P.I. 2)

Dumpsters and dead bodies. Just an ordinary day for a P.I.

Tracy is not having a good day: first she falls into a dumpster and then she finds a body. A dead body. The suspect seems clear too. A cheating spouse Tracy’s been tracking. The only problem is, he has an alibi – provided by Tracy herself.

But Tracy doesn’t despair. With the help of her enigmatic boss, she sets out to uncover the truth. And while she’s at it, she might as well sort out her roommate’s love life, and have a fight or two with her ex-husband.

All in a day’s work for Tracy. Until the guns come out.

Tracy Hayes, P.I. and Proud by Susanna Shore

Susanna Shore: Tracy Hayes, Apprentice P.I. (Tracy Hayes, P.I. 1)

Waitress extraordinaire turned P.I. What could possibly go wrong?

When Tracy Hayes, Brooklyn waitress extraordinaire (only a slight exaggeration) loses her job – again – she doesn’t despair. She can’t afford to or she’ll lose her apartment. Instead, she takes the first job that she comes across. She becomes an apprentice to an enigmatic P.I.

Her first case should be easy: locate the owner of a dog she’s found. But things are never as simple as they seem, and she’s soon ankles deep in criminals, FTAs, and cheating spouses – her ex-husband included. And that’s on top of a new roommate, who may or may not be a hacker, and a family that likes to meddle with her life.

A weaker woman would give up, but Brooklyn waitresses are made of sterner stuff. A good thing too, because Tracy will need every ounce of her strength and ingenuity to pull herself out of the mess she finds herself in.

Tracy Hayes, Apprentice P.I. by Susanna Shore

Susanna Shore: Magic under the Witching Moon. Two-Natured London 5.5.

Human DS Adrian Moore believes he has learned everything there is to learn about the two-natured around him. But when a naked, moon-worshipping goddess shows up in his bedroom night after night, he admits he has no idea what to make of it. Other than that he wants her with maddening lust.

Having escaped black witches keeping her and her coven sisters captive, Raven Fontaine finds safe haven with Adrian—in form of a cat. If only the full moon wouldn’t force her back into human every night, things would be perfect. Although, she has to admit that her human form fits his form rather pleasantly.

The need to get her coven sisters freed forces Raven to confide in Adrian, who is more than capable of helping her. But the black witches are on her tail—literally. Can he keep her safe? And what does it mean when a New York cop starts to think that London might be home after all, as long as he has a certain witch by his side?


Susanna Shore: A Warrior For a Wolf. Two-Natured London 5.

A Warrior and a healer. But which one is which.

“You!” No wonder the scent had irritated her. It belonged to a man she wanted to see even less than Ryan—and had for a far longer time. 
“Me,” Zach said, flashing his easy smile that used to make her knees weak when she was a foolish teenager. Not anymore. “Have we met?” 

Vampire warrior Zach Hamilton has divided his centuries in the Crimson Circle between killing renegade vampires and womanising. Now the latter has lost its appeal and he doesn’t know how to get his groove back. A mating bond with a wolf-shifter isn’t among the desired cures, but when he wakes up at a hospital after being shot, that’s what seems to have happened.

If only his rider hadn’t chosen a woman who hates him at sight.

The last person Harriet Green wanted to see on an already bad night was Zach Hamilton, the crush of her teenage years. It doesn’t help her mood that he has no recollection of her. But she is a doctor, so when he is shot, she does everything in her power to save his life. Mating bond is an unwanted side-effect she does her best to ignore. She knows from experience that pairings between wolf-shifters and vampires don’t work. After all, her ex-fiancĂ© broke up their engagement when he was made into a vampire.

But then it turns out her vampire ex is now an ex-vampire. He is a renegade. Zach would love nothing better than to kill the man who has hurt his mate, but she has other ideas. She’s a doctor and sworn to protect life. Any life, even renegades.

Are a warrior and a doctor even less compatible than a vampire and a wolf-shifter? Can they overcome their differences, or will one careless act doom them to an eternity of misery?

Hannah Kane: To Catch a Billionaire Dragon, Parts 1-3.

“You know, most women would sell their grandmother for an opportunity like this.”
“Like what?”
“Being locked in the elevator with me.”

When a fantasy author Laurel Maynard meets a mobile app billionaire Logan Avery, she knows he is exactly what her book has been missing. He is the embodiment of an arrogant and aloof dragon named Drust, and she can’t wait to learn everything about him to make the dragon as real as possible. What she doesn’t take into account is that the billionaire playboy might be like a dragon in real life too—until she burns herself.

Logan has never met a woman who pays more attention to her imaginary world than reality—or him. And he doesn’t really appreciate that she makes him into a character in her book. Surely a real man would be more interesting than an imaginary dragon.

Logan sets out to make Laurel see the real him. But things don’t go quite how he has planned, and soon they have both burned themselves.

 Download for free here.

Part Two: Amazon, Smashwords, B&N
Part Three: Amazon, Smashwords, B&N

Boxed Set: Amazon, Smashwords, B&N

Susanna Shore: Two-Natured London: Bundle Two.

The second bundle edition combines the books three and four of the Two-Natured London series, A Wolf of Her Own and Her Warrior for Eternity. Available on all Amazon marketplaces US, UK, DE, FR, CA and Smashwords.

Susanna Shore: The Croaking Raven. Harper George, crisis negotiator.

Revenge. It’s always personal.
Harper George is having a bad day. A hostage has died, the Metropolitan Police Service has given her the boot, and she has to handle a heist negotiation drunk. It doesn’t end well.

It’s about to get worse.

A criminal organisation wants Harper to work for them. When she refuses, people start dying. The seemingly random deaths turn out to have a common denominator: Harper, and a negotiation she has failed. Someone wants revenge, but who and why?

Harper is determined to solve the mystery before more people die – and before she has to give in to the criminals’ demands. But then it’s too late. Harper has to face the toughest negotiation of her career: that for her own life.

Hannah Kane: It Happened on a Lie. Romances on the Go.

"Are you always this offensive?"
"My apologies. I was merely surprised that a representative of such an esteemed society would stoop to trespassing."

Zoe Lawrence believes that the end justifies the means when it comes to preserving historically valuable buildings, especially such a rare shipyard as Wakefield was. So a little trespassing doesn’t much weigh on her, until she gets caught by the owner. Who happens to be an extremely attractive man, who absolutely refuses to listen to her.

The lifelong dream of Aiden Rowe has been to build a luxury estate on a prime location. Now that he has found what he wants, he isn’t about to change his plans just because the historical preservation society says so. Not even if their representative happens to be a beautiful woman who captures his interest from the start.

But Aiden isn’t above asking Zoe for a favour: if she pretends to be his girlfriend for just one night, he will give her a fair chance to convince him to preserve the shipyard. One lie leads to another, and things soon get out of their hands. They hardly know what’s real themselves.

But they know the truth in their hearts. If only they could make their heads listen.


Susanna Shore: Her Warrior for Eternity. Two-Natured London 4.

To gain eternity, she must trust the man who took her memory.

A serial killer is on the loose in London and only the vampire warriors of the Crimson Circle know that renegade vampires are responsible. One night on a patrol, Jeremy Grayson saves a human woman from becoming the next victim. The chance meeting ignites his hunger, marking her as his mate. He needs to keep her safe, even if he can't really explain to her why.

Even if he has to wipe her memory so she doesn't remember him.

The only drama Corynn Sparks needs in her life is finding a job after she graduates from college. But then a vampire declares she is in mortal danger and puts her under his protection. He is a complication she doesn't need, especially when he tells her she could become a vampire too. She has to choose between her human life and her second nature. If only she could trust that he would spend the eternity with her.

And then the choice is taken from her.

As the killings intensify, Corynn is made a target. Will Jeremy find the killer in time, so that they can have eternity?


Susanna Shore: Two-Natured London, Bundle One

You can now get The Wolf's Call and Warrior's Heart in one book. Available on all Amazon marketplaces: US, UK, DE, AU, CA and Smashwords.

Susanna Shore: A Wolf of Her Own. Two-Natured London 3.

"You smell of pig." 
"If you didn't lean so close you wouldn't have to smell it."
"If you didn't drive like a maniac, I wouldn't have to lean so close."

When wolves kill Gemma’s sheep, she knows exactly who to blame: wolf-shifters of the Greenwood clan whose estate borders hers. But the first wolf she runs into denies their involvement. And he has the audacity to call her a liar. If she didn’t have to control her vampire nature, she would show him.

Kieran’s brother had been shot as a sheep killer so when an enraged vampire accuses his clan of killing her sheep, he gets furious. Determined to prove her wrong, he sets out to find the killers. He has his clan to protect. But she won’t let him do it alone.

The death of Kieran’s brother a ghost between them, their cooperation isn’t easy. As the killings continue, this time angering humans too, they have to find a way to see past their hurt to protect the clan. But it may well be that the biggest monster is already among them. Gemma’s control of her second nature is precarious. What happens when the monster gets free? 


Susanna Shore: Warrior's Heart. Two-Natured London 2.

“Who the bloody hell are you and why are you here?”

When an apparent human-on-human shooting turns out to have non-human origins, vampire DI Philippa Audley is ordered to investigate. It would be easier, however, if she hadn't been ordered to work with Jasper Grayson, one of the legendary vampire warriors of the Crimson Circle. An old-fashioned relic of a bygone era with very peculiar notions of what a woman can and can’t do is not an ideal partner for Philippa who has made a life’s career of being the first vampire woman in everything. It doesn’t help either that her late father, a Circle warrior himself, was Jasper's last partner.

Jasper Grayson isn’t very accustomed to vampire women, let alone a woman as unique as Philippa who is used to giving orders and being obeyed. His Hunger compells him to protect her, but how is he to protect someone who refuses to listen to very reasonable commands to stay safe? And how is he to gain her trust when he is keeping a secret of her father's death from her?

Black magic is afoot and a deadly enemy to vampires forces the pair to find a way to work together. But will they be able to put aside the demons of the past for a shared future?


Hannah Kane: Which way to love? News agency love affairs.

"I don’t know why I thought turning my life upside down would save my marriage. But that was exactly what I was about to do."
Audrey Wright fears that her marriage is over. She knows that in order to save it she needs to change herself. While her photojournalist husband, Marcus, is on assignment to Kabul, she takes up a new job in the same news agency he works for.

The life of a junior correspondent for a large news agency is more eventful than she had expected and people there are more interesting than she had dared to hope for. There is Henrietta who needs a friend, and then there is Andrew who suddenly seems very enticing. And Marcus? Well, he seems more interested in her life than he has in ages.

But a war photographer's life is hazardous, as Audrey discovers to her horror. Will she be too late to save their marriage?


Hannah Kane: At Her Boss's Command

“Turn around, slowly,” she commanded in her most assertive voice.
“Why? Are you armed?” To Emily’s annoyance, the question was more amused than frightened, and asked with a nicely-cultured, rich tenor unlike any criminal should have.
“Yes, I am.”
It is a battle of wills between Emily Parr and Conor Peters from their first encounter. Emily’s job depends on Conor and she needs to convince him that she is worth employing, and Conor is not above finding out just how far she is willing to go. Little by little, their power game moves to a different level where she realises that obeying his every command is exhilarating.
Until her heart gets involved.
However, everything is not well in the firm. Someone has been embezzling funds and the evidence points to Emily. Conor needs to find the real perpetrator or see the woman who has become essential to his well-being go to jail.
And then the threatening notes begin to arrive.


Susanna Shore: The Wolf's Call. Two-Natured London 1.

“Are you trying to intimidate me, Mr Green?” she asked calmly, refusing to lean back.
“Call me Rafe.” But she just stared at him quietly, her arched brow challenging him to answer her question. It agitated his wolf, but he was so aroused he could barely breathe. He had never met a woman like her. “Yes, I am,” he answered, his every word deliberate. He pressed his hands on the armrests of her chair and leaned closer to her face, never breaking the eye contact. “Is it working?” Closing in the short distance, he kissed her.

Having been raised by humans-first parents, Charlotte Thornton is completely unprepared for a man like Raphael Green, a wolf-shifter. After a lifetime of controlling herself, the onslaught of emotions he causes in her, both lust and aggravation, seem like too much to handle. Unlike human men around her, Rafe is not weak. But neither is she, and Rafe is about to learn it. She finds herself drawn to him unlike any man before, only to learn that he won’t date humans. But what if she weren’t a human? 

Rafe never thought he would pursue a human, let alone a woman as dominant as Charly, but his wolf side has other ideas. For a shifter, ignoring their beast’s choice is practically impossible, but he will try; his brother’s marriage is enough of a warning. But as he is drawn to her with a maddening lust, it becomes difficult to prevent his wolf from putting out its call for her. Then her life is threatened and everything changes. 

From the high-end neighbourhood of London to peaceful countryside, their enemies hunt them. Time for making up their minds is running out.



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